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Setting up a website has been a long time coming for me. What do I focus on? Should I stick to Fine Art work or go Commercial? It’s been years of conversations and brainstorming with good friends and colleagues. This here is where I have landed, for now.

A shop on line, a blog to share ideas, and an online social media presence to build community. So far it’s feeling pretty good.


What you will find here.

Concepts. Abstract ideas. Construction. Representations. Play.

Bird Sky - © Kyra Kelpin 2013

Digital Painting Tree - © Kyra Kelpin 2013

Digital Painted Sky - © Kyra Kelpin 2013

At the moment my work is primarily photographic. I also paint, sculpt and work in mixed media, but it was the photo bug that got me first. I hope this site and blog will be a place to share work and inspiration as I venture back into these other mediums. For now you will find film images and digital work shot and edited on both DSLR and the iphone I pack as a sketch book.

A short history.

My very first camera was a 35mm Pentax Super Program. I still have it, and in fact have inherited a second almost exact duplicate. Yes, I need them both. With this camera I fell in love with photography as an art making medium. The very first workshop I ever took was EXPLORATION OF CAMERA ARTS in 1998, taught by Ken Flett. His work is moving and haunting and if you ever get a chance to stand in front of one of his pieces, do. I now have a collection of 35mm film cameras, a vintage Russian Kiev 120 medium format, my Canon 7D, that camera that doubles as a cell phone, and I have my eye on a beauty of a rangefinder. I shoot what I can, when I can. My dream would be a studio that allows a small dark room, a scanner, printer and wall of beautiful paper. Maybe, one day.

I think I got lucky along the way, having many inspiring and talented instructors. Starting at Camosun College academia introduced me to a group of technically versed and straight up talented practicing artist. Of all the lessons I learned from them the simplest lesson was the truest.

“If you want to be a painter, you have to get up every day and paint.” -Brenda Petays

This is true. If you want to make art and keep making art, and make a living making art, you have to do like any other job. Every day. At the University of Victoria, with a focus on studio practice I learned just how hard this can be to do. Showered with concepts and professional works to consider there were daunting days. However I miss all of that now. The luxury of immersing oneself in an academic mindset and having the tools and resources at your fingertips to challenge oneself with, it’s not something to take for granted. I don’t think I did, but I truly miss the darkroom. I miss the Professors and the open office doors where you could line your work on the floor and have it studied by a discerning eye. Then leaving with a book out of a personal library to chew on. And, I miss the chatter and banter of the other students stringing their ideas together into works. This is how I look back on my academic history. I wish I could go back for a day here and there and soak in the environment, have a chat with minds obsessed with visual culture.

Where I am now.

Finishing University almost three years ago now, I followed love to Squamish BC. I am surrounded now by mountains and rivers. The dependable horizon lines of coastal living are obscured by the phenomenal mountain ranges that force me to look up, and to climb. I am also surrounded by boys. A man, a child, a one year old canine, and a two month old feline. With them I am continuing my study of mother nature. It’s a pretty great job.

So that’s enough about me, I have some pictures to make and if you would like keep an eye on what I’m up to please do. A multitude of social media options are listed bellow, and I will do my best to keep them current, within reason.

Welcome to my page and site! Kyra Kelpin


Dallas Road - © Kyra Kelpin 2013 Sea to Sky 3


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